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Bryan and I were guest on the Nerdist Writer’s Panel podcast with Ben Blacker. We talked about the creation of the show, the move to digital, and even about the Movie That Shall Not Be Named. Ben does a great job with the podcast and has had some big names on in the past, like Matthew Weiner, Damon Lindelof, and Vince Gilligan, so I was honored to be one of his guests! It’s a great podcast, with in depth interviews with a lot of showrunners from some of the best series out there. A great resource for aspiring writers and people who just like learning more about how a TV show is made.

Find the interview here on itunes. Also on the Nerdist website.

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21 thoughts on “Nerdist Writer’s Podcast

  1. Thanks Mike, I always wanted to pursue writing as I enjoy it very much, but I don’t have a background in writing or any formal schooling in terms of writing. Do you view these circumstances as a barrier to entry?

  2. I am sure there are many fans, but I just want to tell you how deeply touched I am by the avatar universe. It has been special to me since I can remember, and it is something I shared with my sister who recently passed. I find it difficult to watch lately, but necessary, and I find that in some ways it helps me heal, or helps me remember her. She was a writer and an artist, and I have seen in a lot of her writings and imagination many of the creations you and your team have inspired. The last episode I got to watch side-by-side with her was The Beginnings Part 1 and 2. We loved it. And this most recent season, she would have been so touched.

    Thank you for creating something so beautiful.

  3. The Book 3 Finale was heart-wrenching and unpredictable in the best possible ways. Thank you for your hard work through what appeared to be many obstacles this season; it paid off!

  4. Michael i want to take this opportunity to thank you for your teams work this season and all previous seasons. I want to say i enjoyed book 1, book 2 and 3 so much. I don’t know why some fans didn’t like book 2. That aside i sometines feel disheartened that book 3 did not get impressive ratings and i thought it was going to be cancelled. Well i know good work when i see it and the entire LOK is great work. There is something that Raava said to Avatar Wan ” We will be together in all of your lifetimes and we will NEVER GIVE UP”. Despite the naysayers please do no give up on producing shows like LOK more importantly do not give up on Korra. I like both Aang and Korra but i think i can connect with Korra more.
    I remember “requesting” somewhere that Jinora should get her airbending tattoos when book 2 ended. I am among the most happiest fans when i saw master Jinora. I have a feeling she will look like Avatar Yangchen when she styles her hair like the airbender ladies ;) . I am looking forward to book 4. Btw when will you annnounce book 4 title ?

  5. I fell in love with the Avatar franchise from the moment I first watched The Last Airbender. I truly hope that we will be able to meet the earth and fire Avatars following Korra’s era. I look forward to book 4. Thank you got creating possibly the greatest animated series.

  6. Hello,
    Thank you, for producing an epic series. I wish I could say it in person, but I’m from Canada, and I couldn’t make it to Comic-Con. ATLA and Korra are more than just a series. My dad is a photographer and auto-journalist, he travels a lot and works in the Middle East. When I was a kid and he would leave for work, we would always discuss ATLA over seas, and on some days we would be watching it at the same time. It was something that made us feel like we weren’t too far away from each other. My dad loves The Legend of Korra, and he would always give me some background history on cars that resembled the Sato Mobiles and their mechanics. He very much admired the animation. When I saw the finale of book 3, the love between Korra and her father made me cry. We lost communication with my father for a week now, he was on a work trip in the Middle East, and sadly the situation there is not good. My heart ached when I saw Korra and her father depart, it reminded me of the times when I had to say good bye to my dad, how much I love him, miss him and hope he is safe. I understand that you must receive many many letters, mails and comments, but I would like to once again thank you and Mr. Konietzko for executing a wonderful series. I hope I get a chance to see book 3 finale with my father, I know he would love the episode.
    Thanks for your time,
    ~ Aisha

  7. Mike Dimartino,
    Hey my name is Sybashtian and first I would like to apologize for how the Last Airbender movie went. That being said I would really like to talk to you about an interesting film adaptation of Avatar that would please fans seeing as how a fellow fan had the idea. If you are interested please contact me through email as I would love to tell you about it and see how the Avatar universe could be expanded.
    Thank you,

  8. here’s the deal,

    I am sooooo excited for book four, but my point in leaving a comment is to tell you that the avatar legend has to continue. I’ve never been more indulged in a series in my 23 years, a cartoon series at that. I would love it if you’d continue with Korra’s story but if not, any kind of avatar series will do. Here’s what I’ve always wanted to know… WHERE WAS ZUKO’S MOTHER?! One of the many mysteries of the world i suppose. Pleaseeee keep the avatars coming!!!!


    A really cool Avatar loving chicks

  9. Oh and GREAT job making Jinora look like young avatar Ang. that was the cherry on top of a great season!


    A really cool Avatar loving chick

  10. Well K, its an incredible tale… GRAN GRAN! you look old. How old are you? And why is it so cold in the South Pole? Can we make a campfire, and all huddle around it, and tell scary stories, and make snowmen? And then can you make the snowmen move with waterbending and chase us? Wouldn’t that be fun? Huh! Wouldn’t it?

    Seriously though, the answer you’re looking for is in the comics. Specifically The Search, But I would recommend starting with The Promise.

  11. Hi Michael, I’ve been following your work since Last Airbender… I just want to say that you have one of the ILLEST works EVER!!! The Avatar Universe has so much story to offer! IT IS COMPLETELY AWESOME IT LEAVES ME IN A HANGOVER EVERY SEASON-END!

    I just hope you get to complete the cycle though, I know it’s gonna be a long shot, but imagine the truck-load of potential stories to tell! XD
    Anyways, I have looked up to you since day one, and I am studying writing myself, so i hope to see more content from you cuz you are just a prime example of extreme creativity!

  12. Hey, I just wanted to say that I loved Avatar universe. It really brought about an interesting concept. I was wondering though, have any of you who work on the franchise ever debated on making a series of Avatar games, that takes place during the previous avatar life times? Like sometime between Wan and Aang, showing the progression of the Avatar’s influence over the world. Or maybe even create a game that is like a mixture of the Elder Scrolls franchise and the Avatar universe, where the player can create their own bender/non-bender/avatar characters and go on a journey based off of that, in an open world styled game? Or a Dragon Age/Mass Effect concept, where the player can create an avatar that can actually choose to use their powers for Good or Evil purposes? I’m really only using names of other games, so that it would be easier to explain the concept.

  13. Hello Mr. DiMartino,

    I just found the treasure trove that is your website and am still going through posts, so if you have already talked about this I apologize in advanced.

    One aspect of character relationships that has always fascinated me has been Names & Titles, both in real life and in stories. The way one person addresses another can have a great impact how that person acts and how there character develops.

    The one character where I see this play the largest part in is Batman from the DCAU. I’ve noticed over the years that while police and even other superheroes address super villains by their villain moniker, Batman will often address them by their birth name, and more than often, it helps him when dealing with them. I think this shows that how we address a person is a pretty accurate reflection of how we treat them and how we think of them. While the police and other superheroes see them as Monsters and treat them that way, he see them as people and treats them as such.

    You even see it many times in how he refers to Joker and how he talks to other super heroes.. Because he doesn’t know his name, he’ll often refer to him as “The Joker”, and he addresses his fellow superheroes by their first name more often than any other hero.

    Sorry, that ended up being longer than I thought. I was just wondering if you had any further insights into this topic as you develop your characters.

  14. Mr. DiMartino,

    I have no idea where it would be appropriate to leave this, but I had to express my thanks somewhere. I’ve been watching Korra since the beginning, obsessively watching every episode. After these last few episodes, I needed to thank you for including Korra’s visions of her worst moments in the storyline. I am a girl Korra’s age, I even look much like her, due to my ethnicity. I also have post traumatic stress disorder. The symptoms are very similar to what Korra struggles with. Seeing a character that is otherwise so strong experience the same issues I have legitimizes my disorder. It reminds me that my disorder doesn’t make me or anyone else weak. I can’t thank your production enough for that.

  15. Hello, Mr. DiMartino. I’m a great fan of Avatar (The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra). I decide see ATLA again! :D (Is great, i love it). However, when i watch the Book 3, when displayed the death of Avatar Roku, i doubt arose: Because Roku decided to confront the volcano is all the people of town were evacuated and all houses were destroyed? Had something that is worth dying?
    I’m going to be crazy for this. Thanks for your attention, and congratulations.

  16. Hi Mike I was wandering if you and your partner we’re going to create a new avatar if so I have some ideas not really big but I think it would be cool to see a new element that people can control , like wood or plants or aether or Rays of light and even something like gravity because when harmonic convergence happened things changed so mabye some of the elements changed and people got them like they got air bending in the legend of korra … That would be soooooooo coooooooolllll anyways if you are not creating anymore (I hope you are) avatar series you Should create something else like another cartoon . I just hope you don’t stop . Could you get back to me If you are creating something new or not that would be great

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